Sunday, 27 June 2010

Tyra banks pose

Title explains :)
On another note I WANT A GRAPHICS TABLET. I think my graphics would improve SO much if i got one; so i've started to save :3. I have £9 at the moment. so in about 18 years i may be able to afford a wacom.


  1. When you get a graphics tablet, some of them come with photoshop. (:
    good pose btw.

  2. With Photoshop?
    I'm so getting a tablet.

  3. I've use photoshop in art and it just confuses me. It's really difficult to find all the things I use at the moment. To be honest; I don't want to stop using GIMP.

  4. Coincidence!!!!!!!!! I started saving for one a few days ago! Aiming to get it by September :D

  5. I just bought Trust Slimline Design tablet from reduced from £30.99 to £17.99 :D You should try it, I know a normal bamboo wacom costs about £49 on amazon too, look for discounts or alternative brands, some of them are just as good :P