Monday, 21 February 2011

J'ai retourne

Yes, I'm back :) After my impromptu, but extended absence from stardoll I have decided to come back, and that includes my graphics. So here's a dress from a random picture on google i've drawn, i think it's ok considering the last graphic i made, was the last one posted on the blog.

I've gotten ALOT better at art since i left. I'd like to scan some of my work in, but it's in my folio at school. But has my graphics improved with it? I'll let you decide that over the next few posts :) I've been away from stardoll for nearly 5 months, so feel free to update me on what's been happening.

Note; For some reason the graphic has uploaded badly, even though it's png. I'll try to fix it at some point. But the sides of the skirt etc are actually smooth.