Saturday, 27 April 2013

Yearly update?

It's been nearly a year since I last posted, probably about 6 months since I last looked at this blog, but I feel an update  is perhaps due. I have no idea if anyone still even visits this blog, but oh well.

I've pretty much left Stardoll now. For a few years I only really stayed for the clubs and the people i'd met there, but restrictions on the posting capabilities there caused many people to leave all together.

I'm now a few months away from starting my final year of school, which is pretty exciting; I'll most likely be beginning university applications in about June, and at the moment I am considering a course involving art; perhaps animation.

In terms of art I have certainly progressed since the work I posted here. It's not graphics anymore, but mainly traditional and digital paintings.


I do love a good bit of fan art.
Im still grateful for the years I spent on Stardoll. Without them I most likely would never have taken up art again and then who knows what path i'd currently be going down.

And that's pretty much it. Perhaps i'll update again in 2014, as i'm preparing to go to university.

If you do want to contact me though, the best links would be my deviantart; or my tumblr;