Monday, 28 June 2010

My own design :)

I wasn't in the mood for recreating so i've added a head (sort of) to my previous graphic and designed a dress. It was mainly to practice shading, and i like the way the fishtail ending turned out.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Tyra banks pose

Title explains :)
On another note I WANT A GRAPHICS TABLET. I think my graphics would improve SO much if i got one; so i've started to save :3. I have £9 at the moment. so in about 18 years i may be able to afford a wacom.


:) I really like this pose. It'll be the one I use for my designs and recreation of clothes from now on

New layout

More fresh and summery :) A new pose graphic coming soon.

I haven't abandoned you!

Im sorry for not posting in AGES, but for a while i just lost interest in this blog. I promise i'll try to keep it more updated :) so here's a little graphic for you. I think it's my best face yet, but it did take me 2 days.